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We are a leading provider of UK Home Office / High Commission / UK Border Agency (UKBA) compliant Immigration Property Assessment Reports in the UK, which are used for visa purposes, especially UK settlement, spouse, dependent, marriage, fiancé and partner visa applications, and we work in partnership with several leading immigration solicitors. 


These reports are most commonly used to support the following types of visa applications: 


  • Spouse & Partner

  • Fiancee / Marriage

  • Family Dependents

  • UK Settlement


Our reports are produced by a former Local Authority Principal Environmental Health Practitioner, who holds the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) qualification, and has over 15 years experience of producing accommodation reports for immigration purposes and is registered with the Environmental Health Registration Board.

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**Simple online application process available throughout the UK**

We are able to produce reports without the need for a site visit -  our aim is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for every client. Everything is conducted via email/WhatsApp with no property visits required, making it a quick, efficient and COVID-19 friendly approach to obtaining a UK visa property inspection report, with all information and evidence being provided electronically.


We have been using this online process for over three years and work in partnership with several immigration solicitors across the UK to provide accommodation reports for their clients using this process.

Our 5* positive reviews on Google speak for themselves.  Our clients love our:


  • professionalism

  • support

  • attention to detail

  • quick turnaround time

If you are applying for a spouse or other visa, the accommodation requirements in the UK are quite strict. Our immigration housing assessment reports are used to help support UK Visa applications, and they detail all the necessary information required by the relevant UK visa and immigration authorities. The housing report that we will produce for your UK visa application, will help you to demonstrate that the applicant has suitable accommodation available to them upon arrival in the UK.

We strongly recommend that a housing report is obtained prior to submitting your application for a UK visa - applications may be rejected if the applicant fails to demonstrate that they meet the accommodation requirements. Please click on the links above to find out more about our spouse visa accommodation reports.


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