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Immigration Property Reports

If a person from a country outside of the EEC wishes the come to the UK to live (UK Settlement, Spouse, Marriage, Fiancée and Partner Visa Application), prior to allowing entry, the UK Border Agency require written confirmation which demonstrates that the intended accommodation is of a suitable standard, safe from serious health and safety hazards and that it will not become statutorily overcrowded by any additional person(s) proposing to live there.

A property assessment report is THE ONLY document which proves to the UK Border Agency Entry Clearance Officer that you have obtained an independent assessment of the number of rooms and occupants of the proposed accommodation. 

The report demonstrates that an assessment has been carried out by a suitably qualified professional and gives full details of the accommodation, confirming that it is acceptable for its intended purpose.

property inspector

Residential Property & HMO Fire Risk Assessments

Did you know that people who live in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire? If you rent private accommodation, you as a landlord will have to meet certain safety obligations under law. This includes making sure all gas and electrical appliances you provide are safe to use and in good working order. The most important action a landlord can take is to ensure you provide working smoke detection. 

If your property is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) then you must have undertaken a Fire Risk Assessment.

risk assessment

Housing Health and Safety Rating System

As former Environmental Health Professionals, we are HHSRS qualified and are fully conversant and experienced in all aspects of Housing Law & Practice. We provide simple, clear and practical advice.  


If you are a Landlord and simply need advice on the legal requirements for safe private sector housing or you need guidance navigating the regulatory regime relating to the private sector arena – we can help.

If you are a tenant of a property and you think your home is unsafe for you to live in, we can carry out a full inspection/survey of your property, identify any category 1 or 2 hazards and draft a detailed report including a schedule of works necessary to eliminate those hazards identified, which you can then use to ensure that your landlord meets their legal obligations.

housing health and safety rating system

Houses in Multiple Occupation

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's) are unique properties which need a unique form of management not normally found within your average/normal residential letting agency.

HMO’s requires specialist skills and an in-depth knowledge of Part 2 of the Housing Act 2004 and an understanding of what constitutes an HMO (either un-licensable or licensable) and the standards required within the property by the Act, especially relating to fire safety/detection and the amenity standards (number of WC’s and bathrooms needed, bedroom sizes, size of kitchen etc.)

We have the necessary knowledge and experience of what constitutes an HMO and the standards and amenities required within them.

With this knowledge, we will be able to carry out a survey/inspection of the property and provide you with a detailed schedule of works which need to be undertaken in order for it to operate as an HMO.

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house in multiple occupation
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